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Microbiological and Virological Research Division

The Department of Microbiological and Virological Research has the necessary set of working and auxiliary premises with a total area of ​ ​ about 400 square meters. Space-planning solutions ensure the flow of pathogenic biological agents of groups III-IV, materials and personnel. PBA studies of pathogenicity groups III-IV are carried out in laminar flow cabinets in the appropriate rooms.

Technical facilities

The department is equipped with a technical base, including the necessary test equipment and measuring instruments, working standard samples, reagents, culture media for working with microorganisms of different types, a working collection of test microorganisms of pathogenicity groups III-IV.

Department personnel are constantly trained and improve their skills both in third-party organizations and during internal training.

The main activity of the Department of Microbiological and Virological Research is the conduct of microbiological tests in accordance with the requirements of FEAES, SP of the Russian Federation and the world's leading pharmacopoeias.


Microbiological studies

In our center, we conduct comprehensive microbiological studies, ensuring high accuracy and reliability of data. Using advanced equipment and innovative techniques, our experts identify and analyze microbiological indicators of products, water and air. We guarantee fast order fulfillment, strict confidentiality and full compliance with international standards. With us, your products will be safe and of high quality!


Virological research

Our center specializes in conducting highly accurate virological research to protect your health and product safety. Using modern equipment and the latest diagnostic methods, we quickly identify viral pathogens and assess the risks of their spread. Our specialists ensure strict confidentiality and compliance with international standards. Trust our experience and ensure reliable virological safety with us!

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OLFARM LLC is an independent accredited laboratory and research center. The scope of accreditation of the testing laboratory includes a wide range of physicochemical, microbiological, virological and biological methods.

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